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How to Generate RRR Number to Fund NOUN Wallet, and also initiate payment on portal

Are you new to the National Open University of Nigeria, system? I will say there are few things you need to know about the school. 

How to Fund NOUN Wallet, pay any bills regarding to the National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN. So if you are the busy type of student who doesn’t really like to go through school stress or if you are the inquisitive type of student, who like to do things yourself, then this article is for you. Not to worry, you can learn how to do so many things on BBCNOUN web platform. As it will help to guide you on how to make payments on anything that relates to the national open university of Nigeria. However, in other not to waste more of your time, I’ll just go straight to the point.

Firstly, the topic “How to Generate RRR to Fund NOUN Wallet” will not be complete, if we don’t fully understand what the term “RRR” means or signify.

Below is a brief description of the term RRR.What is RRR?

RRR is an acronym for “Remita Retrieval Reference” which is abbreviated as RRR. However, RRR (Remita Retrieval Reference) number has now become Africa’s most comprehensive method of receiving and making payments electronically or online. And so it consist of twelve (12) numbers or digits that is generated and used to carry out payment process, or transactions online, from remita’s official website which is

So one will be wondering; how does this affect me as a student, how does it apply to the national open university of Nigeria? Meanwhile, it is now no news anymore that the national open university of Nigeria now use’s RRR as a means of making payments that concerns it’s institution and all school payment. Some of which are: school fees, course registration, exam registration, jamb regularization or the general school registration.

Below is a well detailed and structured steps to guide you on How to Generate RRR to Fund NOUN Wallet”.

How to Generate RRR Number to Fund NOUN Wallet

Step 1:

Launch your Internet Browser, from your URL directory, input and hit the enter button on your computer’s keyboard and proceed to login.

Step 2:
After successful login attempt to your profile or portal, navigate through the menu tab, click on; “Manage Wallet >> Load wallet so you can be able to recharge your noun wallet and proceed to the next phase.

Step 3:
Fill in your details in the “payment for funding wallet” section, and select a payment type. Kindly select bank branch and pay for E-Wallet funding to generate your Remita Number

Step 4:
This redirects you to the official homepage of; “Remita”, where you are to see a RRR number already generated for you and you are expected to use this RRR number to pay your fees at any commercial Nigeria bank so you can be eligible to load wallet and complete your school registration such as; School Fees, Course, Exam Registration and a host of others.

After the following registration attempt has been confirmed successful, proceed to the next step which is to visit NOUN official school website through this link; and verify your payment via the RRR number you earlier generated and paid for

How to Verify and Fund Noun Wallet

* Logon to, click manage wallet >> check rrr payment

* Input ur rrr code and click on check wallet rrr payment, you should get a success message with the details of your payment

Just login to your portal, you should see your wallet is now credited

I hope this was helpful? For questions and contributions, kindly refer to the comment section beneath this article and leave your comments so we can review it and help you more.

Note: you have to login or register on this site to post comments

Do let us know if this article was helpful to you as it will really help us serve you better.

Watch and Pray!  Rolleyes
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